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Getting involved in the sport of horse racing has never been easier! We believe that the foundation of horse racing is within its fan base and our goal is to help bring new fans into the sport using easy to understand information and diverse marketing practices. We developed this brand because we believe that the existing information about the sport was too complex, too sparse, and too inaccessible for many fans. In addition, too many sources focus solely on advertising syndicates or providing race and sales news in the industry without educating the laypersons who simply want information about the sport at its most basic level.

It is our hope is that Horse Racing 101 will become your #1 source for all information pertaining to the sport of horse racing and thoroughbred aftercare practices .

If you have questions please send us a message using the Contact Us form. We would love to hear from you!

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Jockeys: Their Role in the Mornings

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A jockey’s primary role in horse racing is to safely ride a horse in a race and, hopefully, in a winning manner. Part of being a successful jockey is establishing and maintaining relationships with trainers, and there is no better…


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Silks: Commonly Asked Questions Silks, also known as “colors”, are the colorful jackets and helmet covers that a jockey wears in a race; they are used to silently announce the owner of the horse and to also help identify the…

Commonly Used Bits

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Commonly Used Bits A bit is a piece of metal that goes into the horse’s mouth and is then controlled by a set of reins (long leather or nylon lines) that are attached to the bit and extend to a…

A Plea For Change

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A Plea For Change After the second version of Horse Racing 101 went live in October of 2016, I took a step back and quickly began focusing on my personal life. I came to terms with the end of my…