Purchase Options

Becoming a racehorse owner is an exciting venture! There are several options available to those who wish to participate in this sport. It is important to understand that, while your horse is an investment, success is not guaranteed. Horses are unpredictable, even in the most experienced hands and with the best care. Accidents happen, and as athletes they may not live up to our expectations. However, great success can also accompany your investment. If your horse turns out to win a big race or even a series of smaller races, he can pay his way in training bills and expenses and sometimes return a large payout to his owners! Outside of the financial interests of being a racehorse owner, the excitement of race day and following your horse through his career is incredibly rewarding.

You can purchase a racehorse using one of three options: at public auction, a claiming race, or a private purchase. Each option has advantages and disadvantages and for first- time owners. It is best to work with knowledgeable professionals until you are familiar with the purchase process. Your end goal with the horse(s) will dictate how you proceed with the purchase.