The Cost of Ownership

As with a car or a home, the initial purchase price of a racehorse is only a fraction of the equation. Your remaining expenditures will vary depending on your trainer of choice, your location, and the health of your horse.

Your biggest expense will be your trainer’s day fee, which can range anywhere from $40/day to $150/day for an elite trainer at a large track. This fee can usually be negotiated but it will always be a major expense. Depending on your chosen trainer’s ideologies, your vet bill will vary from as little as $150/month to thousands of dollars. Farrier bills usually hover from $125 to $200 per month; expect your horse to have new shoes put on every four to five weeks.

The vet and farrier bills are not included in your day rate, but may be attached to your trainer’s invoice if you are not billed by the provider directly. Also not included in your day rate fee for your trainer is a transportation bill, especially if your horse has to be shipped to another racetrack to run in a race.